Left my heart in LA...

10 March 1985
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  • Hammond School - Chester, England - Cheshire, United Kingdom (1996 - 2001)
  • Moreton Hall - Oswestry, England - Shropshire, United Kingdom (2001 - 2002)
  • West Cheshire College - Chester, England - Cheshire, United Kingdom (2002 - 2004)
  • Yale College - Wrexham, Wales - Wrexham (Wrecsam), United Kingdom (2004 - 2006)
  • Kingston University - Kingston upon Thames, England - Greater London, United Kingdom (2006 present)
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Hey all, Coffee is my life source as my housemates have discovered this year, cant function without one in my hand. i dont sleep alot but when i do i sleep solidly for days. my main ambition in life is to be a successful writer but until then i want to work in publishing. I am currently studying Creative Writing and Film at Kingston Uni in Surrey, England and am desperate to move back to California when i graduate. i've lived a colourful life so to speak and it never seems to have a dull moment altho sometimes i wish i did. i'm rather quiet when out an about but when you get to know me i rarely shut up. I'm obsessed with the colour pink but thats about as far as my girlieness goes. Love classic cars and sports and spend most of my time listening to music and writing about something or another.

My mates are the most important thing in my life they are my family you can screw with me but you screw with my friends and i will hunt you down. Who ever said blood was thicker then water obviously hadn't met my friends:

Bug - the only person who can wrap me round her little finger, she is 100% special and totally understands me with a single glance. I don't know how I got thru life without her before.
Tilly - My oldest friend - you've bee there for as long as I can remember, we've had ups and downs but I still love you biatch dont ever change and keep on smiling!
Lou Lou - you are amazing you always know how to cheer me up when I feel like crap.
Emma M. - You are like the funniest person I know keep lauging and the world will laugh with you please dont ever change.
Jade - i love ya chick what more is there to say?

Things I love:
California aka HOME
Country music
Soppy romance novels
My laptop
My camera
Urban legends and Folklore
Classic cars
Chinese food

Things I Hate:
Back stabbing
British politics
People who sponge others
Rude people

Favourite quotes:
"No one is a virgin life screws us all"

"Remind me again why we're single?"

"Give me some fin... nogin... duuuuude"

"OI! Supeeerrrr delicious!"

"Everyone's fucked up. You just gotta learn how to deal with your own particular brand of crazy."

"Due to recent cut backs the light at the end of the tunnel is currently switch off"

"Driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cake hole"

"Dude... you fugly"

"One nation...thanx to God
Our nation...if you want it.
Check yourself in...
To the Dream Land Station.
Do what ever you want...
In the Imagi-Nation."
-Jeff Hardy

"Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 says I just wooped your ASS!!!"

"Rather out the attic then the basement"

"Yeah but shouldnt you buy all the protection you can get I mean it says here it can handle any amount of... OH MY GOD!"

"I never get to have any fun!" *pout*

"I have to pick up my shoes, they're all over the place. They'll think I dont love them!"

""I feel like I'm trying on a new pair of shoes I really want but they dont quite fit."
"How about going bare foot for a while?""

"Oh, is that why? 'Cause I thought it was something different. I thought that it was 'cause I deserved the best and he's out there. He's just with all the wrong women. And let me be clear. After CENTURIES of men looking at my tits in stead of my eyes and pinching my ass instead of shaking my hand, I now have the *DIVINE* right to stare at a man's BACKSIDE with vulgar, cheap appreciation if I want to!" - Denise in P.S I love you